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Why do I chose to do what I’m doing?

October 4, 2012

My job gave me a lot of opportunity to interact with people, and this got me thinking a lot on human behaviors. And this topic had been bothering me recently.

Every time I goes on job, people will ask, why do you choose to join this industry?

And I’ve been hearing the most common answer “the money is good.” So common that I stop asking myself why I chose to interview for the job, and just answer because it pays well. But then, it kinda strike me, no, it don’t pay that well.

Yes, I admit. I am earning more than my fellow classmates. But then the truth is, it is not a lot of money. You see what it advertise, and that’s my earning. Some days, a little more, but most days, just that amount. And for me, it’s much much enough as compare to the days I was in Make Up Store. And I am able to save quite a bit now, so I have no complains. That’s not the point today too.

The point is why do I chose this job.

Those people who chose the job for the money, I don’t see any passion in the answer, and indeed no passion for the job. They work so many years, just for the money yet they don’t enjoy the job. What for, seriously. I’d a senior who I went New Delhi with. And I totally disagreed with him. He came around and keep telling us to remain on the job because what is passion all about. I believe that when we are doing something we like, even if we earn just enough, I will also give up a high paying job for it. It got me thinking and thinking and thinking.

And from today onward, I will stop replying for the money.

It’s not all about money. This is a dream. Every little kid dream. The dream that belongs to a little girl and boy, I’m living a dream, his and mine. I may not stay long, this is not where my passion lies, but it’s one little dream that I fulfill.

A lot of them says “The world doesn’t revolve around you. Don’t change the world for you, change yourself to suit the environment.” But I realize the world doesn’t revolve around money too. This job is a dream job of every child. People paint it ugly with money. And I’m not gonna try to change the world for what they choose to think. I will just live happily in this little dream of us because I was given the chance to.

Micro bubbles cleanser

November 2, 2011

Okay, I know I have been missing for some time, but I’m back. I’m sorry for the disappearing though you have been checking my blog out for update. Oops. But I’m back for good right. And hopefully I will be still updating.

I guess I’ll go back to basic, Step 1 cleansing. I do love my Shu uemura’s cleansing oil. You won’t understand my love for it until you hear this: I have stocked a total of near 50 bottles of it and I have 3 sets of the collectors bottles unused. HEHE. But the saddest thing is, the formula is too strong for my skin ūüė¶ and it causes breakouts on my skin. HOW SAD. And yes, I don’t want to lug around the street with pimples all over my face, therefore I stop using them, and they are my mom’s favorite¬†possession.

One of the question I always get from my customer is even if I don’t use makeup, do I need to cleanse my face, and the answer is definitely YES! Cleansing in the morning get rid of any dead skin cells and slag transported to the surface of the skin during the night. And of course at night, you cleanse to remove any makeup AND impurities such as dirt, exhaust fumes or other contamination of the skin. So even if I’m out the whole day without makeup, I will still cleanse my face no matter what. And the thing about leaving house with bare face, I could wash my face every now and then I go to the toilet, that is good for the skin.

In the market, there’s lotsa cleanser. Oil based, Milk based, Foam based, Powder based. One of my favorite move is to use my eye cleanser to cleanse my face. The reason is eye removers are more gentle and more¬†delicate ingredients are placed in the remover to suit the eyes, therefore, I feel it is much better for my skin. Beside using eye remover, I like foam based cleanser.

MAKE UP STORE’s Intensive Foam Cleanser

One thing about foam cleanser is that it contains micro bubbles. Microbubbles are bubbles smaller than one millimetre in diameter, but larger than one micrometre.

Micro bubbles

Once you have the foam on your skin, these micro bubbles will start cleansing your skin/pores even if you aren’t touch it. So I get a cleaner skin with lesser touches of the skin.

And that’s all for now. See ya on the next post.

the first

June 6, 2011

this is the first combination that I did for the facebook. Anyway it’s not up yet, but is my favorite.

Make Up Store Cybershadow: Sapphire (Centre – Dark Red), Bourdeaux (Purple), Ra (Yellow)
Make Up Store Eyedust: Fantasy Blush (Red)
Eyeliner – Dolly Wink Black Liquid)

The unspoken love for u

March 12, 2011

When I was a kid, I always remember this man who are always there for the family. Be it family gathering, be it just a meal, he will always be there. When adults asked me to address him, I didn’t know what to call him, so I followed my cousins and address him as “Ah Gong”(grandpa in chinese)

This dark, thin with a mixture of black and white balding hair man, he’s always wearing the simplest attire with the usual hairstyle. Always there, sitting by a side, looking at us kids playing, fearing that any of us will injure ourselves. And when we make a silly mistake, he will be the first to rush to us, with a laughter. I remember his laugh, eyes as small as a line, showing his white teeth, and his laughter Ho Ho ho.

As times grew by, our interaction gets lesser and lesser. Once in a while, I will see him. The last few times when I get to see him more is during por por (grandmother)’s funeral. Though I was crying like mad, confuse like mad, he’s there, making sure everything goes well.

In my life, it has always been non-blood related kinship vs blood related kinship. I am not against my own family members but the thing is I have too good relationship with the other side of the family. Complicated older generation problems, no one can change them. We’re born with it, I’m born with it. The thing is, we made a different by ignoring the blood related term, and love each other like we are a real family.

Por por was one of the greatest thing that can happened in my life. Her selfless love, her motherly care, her not asking for anything in return scarifies, I had never seen someone like her. Yu Lee jie jie was the other. Her sisterly love will always linger with us, the short yet good memories that we shared will never be erased from any of ours mind. And ah gong… I always longs for a grandpa. He proved to me that there is still love in between of people. We never ask for any help from him but he’s always there for us. I felt the love, always.

Though I don’t spend a lot of time with him, though he’s just a figure that I always notice but not paying much attention to… All I want to say, you’re one of the greatest man I had met in my life. Your selfless character touches me and will always be remember. This marks the end of the suffering you had for the past few months, and it marks the journey of you here. The world is better on the other side. Por por is there, yu lee jie jie too. We will be fine over here. We will get through this pain and live on our lives, don’t worry. If there’s one person that makes a different in my life, you are on the list, on the very top too. I will never forget you, as the man always running around in my life, assisting every single thing goes well behind the scene.

Good bye ah gong.
12th March 2011

the deepest scar…

January 4, 2011

I remember lying on the same bed, staring at the same celling and B asked me one question that took me aback. He asked “If one day J comes back to you, what will you do?” I never did have the answer to reply him.

A lot of people likes to say that I have very high expectation for my boyfriend. But it has never occur to me that my expectation are very high. I came from a very open minded family. My parents believe that man and woman are equal in this society. And so I equally believe that whatever man can do, woman can do it too. And so the only expectation I have is I want to be have a equal standing with my man. I did work hard and got myself into poly. I tried my best in RP to make good used of my 3 years. And I climbed my way to the position I am in now, I’m going into my 6th year of service in the company. I believe I do deserve the equal standing position in the society.

But deep down, I was hurt very badly once. Someone wasn’t even proud of what I have and even left me for my achievements. I was so badly hurt that I almost fell into depression. I lose all my self-confident, my determination to even do things that I love. I don’t want to do anything except hiding myself for the world. All that was in my mind was how could I make the guy I love feel so intimidated by my achievements. How can I make him feel so stress to the point he can’t take it and leave me. I blame myself for his departure. I was so lost, so helpless, I couldn’t handle. That period was the lowest I can ever go through.

The scar will always be there. The wound will never heal by itself. I will never forget the reason he left me. I told myself I will never allow my love to feel the same. And I will protect my self confident and determination forever. From then on, I never believe that love can conquer everything.

To the next person who thinks that I have high expectation, I didn’t ask for a lot. I didn’t ask for celebrities look alike features, I didn’t ask for mountain high dollars bills. I didn’t ask for 5Cs. All I ask for is someone to accept me for who I am. I just need an assurance, that I don’t go through what I went through. I don’t see how wrong I am in protecting myself, after all, I’m still a human being. I’m selfish too, I’m not wonder woman, I need to protect myself, because I will still feel pain, and get hurt. I will cry…

my little dream

December 21, 2010

A few years ago, when I studied ecotourism, one of my colleague actually introduced me to this man, Al Gore, who is the vice president of US under President Bill Clinton and the DVD, An Inconvenient Truth. That was the moment I fell in love with environmental activities.
I know that with my own effort, I can’t do much to save the Earth, but with another person’s effort, we can at least reduce a little of damage to the Earth. And with this amount * many many other, we can prolong the lives of the homes of ours.
Anyway, it’s not about me now. A few weeks ago, I was watching a travel program, and I saw this introduction of Hamilton Island and there is this island care taker Ben. All of us knows that he has one of the best job in the world, so I’m not going into how nice his job is. The thing that touches me the most and made me cry right in front of the computer is how noble he is to the environment. He says that after stepping down from the position, he will be continuing it. To go to every part of Australia and continuing it.
Human human, the ironic thing that kept me thinking was how come there is a group of people who spend that 70 years of their lives being mean and evil just for money. And how come there’s this group of people who spend their life asking for nothing in return just to save our home.
You see, if I tell you, I want to give up what I have now in Singapore and pack my bags to travel around just to help people, help this environment, I gained experience and a brand new world that I never notice, but I don’t get fame nor money in return as compare to those who choose to stay in their comfort home and continue to harm the environment. In fact, I have to throw in my own money for my transportation,¬†accommodation¬†and everything.¬†I just find them very noble as compare to those who live their lives going after¬†monetary¬†values.
I have a dream, I changed. I don’t want fame nor success. I don’t want big houses nor diamond rings. I just want to go to see the world before it is being destroyed. This is my dream and I am doing my part to save my dream. How about you?
Anyway, you can find the island caretaker blog at


December 21, 2010

Dear C’est la vie,

I’m sorry that I’d been ignoring you all this while. I really didn’t mean it to leave you empty all this months, just that I need inspiration to write things, and I really don’t have much time left on hand to think of what I should do to you. Moreover, new media like fb and twitter has too over your ¬†place in my life. I know I am forgiven. But I promise to write something every now and then alright.

To my readers, if you’re my follower on twitter, I’m sure that you’ve heard that I ha moved out of counter, head into office to do advertising. I’ve a strong feeling that C’est la vie will head towards my work scope too, so if you doesn’t like the new content, be sure to inform me alright.



till the next post, we shall meet.

How much I hated RP…

October 11, 2010

Last Friday, I had a meet up with Wee to visit Berline, and of course as graduates, we talked about the future, which university we had in mind, and of ¬†course who who who are in which school. We were talking about SIM, which is the school that Ber intended to go, and my 1st reaction was “Why SIM when your gpa is like 3+++” and in return, I got a reply that was so shocking I couldn’t accept. “Because we are RP graduates.”

Recently I met someone new, and when I told him that my result was top 8 of the whole course, his reaction was like “RP is so easy, whether a not you are top 8, it doesn’t matter.”

I remembered, 4 years ago, on the morning of the posting of school was released, my mom dragged me out of bed to check my result, I swear, my 1st reaction when I saw I was posted to RP Diploma in Micro and Nano Technology was I am going back to sleep, and when I am awake, I am SO GONNA APPEAL OUT OF RP. RP, eeek, lousy school, I want to go NP. But my mom stopped me from appealing. I told myself that if I don’t appeal, I am gonna regret my whole life.

So, with a very reluctant heart, I dragged myself to Freshman Orientation Camp 2007, my very 1st camp. I met ZhengWen that morning, and I was complaining how lousy I feel not appealing to go to NP. Stepping into W45H, and looking at those faces, half my heart went back home. Eeek, the only thing that appeal to me was the full air-coned campus that I have. And PBL, what the hell does problem based learning was. 1st day of class orientation ended, and I really don’t understand what is the function of Leo, and doesn’t RP has no exams?

Seriously, ¬†I didn’t want to attend the rest of the days of camp, I hate camps when I was in secondary school. I feel that it’s so stupid, and asking me to spend days playing games with strangers, and acting as though we knew each other long ago, IT IS SO NOT ME. But since I don’t have a choice, why not I give FOP another chance, if the 2nd day is still so boring, I am not going for the 3rd day. So I was there, standing without any friends (They flew me aeroplanes) hot and sweaty in the line of group 13 at RP badminton hall. So sad.¬†The year’s theme was prison break, and my seniors were all in well designed jail jumpers. And with the leadership of Shafiq and Rahim, with my wonderful teammates of SEG 13, my poly life took a turn.

FOP opened my eyes to how much bonding it can bring to people from all walks to life. RP war cry taught me how with one common goal, it can bring everyone, even if the number is in thousands to work together. (I was really touched with how students gathered together to get the right war cry, and performed during opening of RP. It was the proudest moment ever, when I was told, everyone eyes was on RP team, when they started doing the War Cry.) Camp no longer need excuses to run away.

Problem based learning had taught me a lot of things. When I was in primary school, I’m a prefect. When I was in secondary school, I am a peer supporting leader. All my life, I am leading others. And when I started Poly, the first role I took was to lead. I never want to be a follower. But PBL taught me how to follow. I was a very stubborn person. I want it my way, I definitely want it my way. And I am a talker, not a listener. PBL taught me to listen, and it shows me that different people has their strengths and weaknesses. I learned how to use people strength to get things done within the given time. And I learned better time management. I never forget this lesson, you will never get a dream team of yours, learn to work with different kind of people. I had met good, nice, cunning, lazy, take advantage of, selfish, selfless and all sort of people. And amazingly, people of 45H actually leads me to think out of the box, and keep questioning why, and in return I learn more than I actually expected. I could say learning hasn’t been so fun before I entered Poly.

I went into poly with 3 goals. 3 goals that I think wasn’t easy to achieve. 1. to attend a freshman orientation camp. 2. To attend poly forum. 3. To go for a service learning trip. the 1st one was very easy to achieve since it was compulsory. I wasn’t very confident that I will achieve the 2nd and 3rd goal. But I always tell people about this 3 goals, because in RP, everyone has equal chances in every activities. RP not only gave me a chance to get into poly, RP gave me a chance to achieve my goals. I can proudly tell you that I had achieve more than I set.

When I was in year 1, I attended a Freshman orientation camp. Not only that, when I was in year 2, I became a leader of freshman orientation camp, leading my own dwar7s, and I am proud to say, my dwar7s are still with and love their blur sotong leader. My dwar7s stands by me for 3 years and still counting, and never once gave up on me despite what happened. And of course, year 3, I have my cyclops, of course my SEG12, and my dwar7s are back being leaders leading their own team. I don’t know how to describe the sense of achievement, but it was just great.

When I was in year 2, through webmail, I know that poly forum 2008 was recruiting students and there I found myself in a LT during break listening to the talk, and going through an interview.¬†I wasn’t confident, and the waiting for the email almost break me down. But¬†you know what, I received one of the most happiest email I can ever receive. Adding to the being able to represent RP, I got a chance to talk to my dearest principal, and I did a vase of flower and presented him out of the 60 RP-ians that was attending, and my pretty face was on the picture of Poly Forum booklet posing with Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Defence Teo Chee Hean¬†¬†(oke fine, my dad knows him so what’s the big deal that I had a picture with him. -_-” but I am still proud of myself since I didn’t need my dad to come out to get a picture with him, I used my own capability oke.) And in year 3, I went on a service learning trip, one of the toughest 14 days of my life in Cambodia.

To whoever out there, so what if we are a new school and we learn through PBL? So what if we don’t have lectures, what if we don’t call exam exams, and we call them understanding test (UT)? So what if we take in high L1R4 results? So what if our timing is 8-4? So what if we don’t have projects, or attachments? And so what if we have RJ only and not homework?

If it wasn’t for PBL, I won’t learn. I will only memorize my textbooks, and just memorize it. If it wasn’t for PBL, I won’t learn more than my textbook, and I won’t be so discipline, with good time management, a listener, a follower, and a better leader. If it wasn’t RP who gave me a second chance, I won’t be a poly graduates now. And I did 2 projects for my art appreciation class apart from the 2 for fyp. Oh ya, RP gave me a chance to learn something that my parents will never allow me to learn. I had a freely chosen module, and I took art appreciation which I love. RP changes of class each semesters had brought me a lot of friends from all walks of life, doing all sort of things. If you need anyone, I can give you them, SAS, SEG, STA, CCC, CIE, SOS. I have friends from different school, different courses. RP gave me a chance to go outside of RP, and attached to A*Star, though I hated the whole attachment a lot. I did Magic,¬†Entrepreneurship, Aeromodelling and Rock climbing IG. I even went to Tekong with my 45H, went for multiple camps, F1 (YAY, the 1st f1 race in Singapore somemore), multiple open houses, and I was part of breaking a record, world/singapore record (I don’t think other than that record, I’m capable of breaking any other records). And I could say, I worked very hard for my GPA, and being top 8, I am proud of it. RP isn’t that easy to score though. Having 93 CE points with most of it are activities that I am most willing to attend and not just for the CE points was a great achievement. And doing very well in Professional Profiling not only gave me a chance to use what I was taught in¬†enterprise¬†module, it has bring my confident level to a whole new level. Presenting in front of people, it hasn’t been as easy as I am now.

Before you stereotype and comment on us based on your¬†perception¬†of RP, please understand the situation. Ask yourself how much have you learn in your poly, and how involved your school gave you a chance to (based on my understanding, chances to attend poly forum for other school was only based on teacher’s recommendations.). How much have you achieved in your poly.

If you ask me now, if I really did appeal to get out of RP, I will definitely regret looking at my achievements and the people that I met. And if you see a RP graduate whom doesn’t have much achievements, it just means that s/he didn’t make good use of his/her 3 years which RP did gave him/her a chance to. There are definitely a lot of such RP-ian out there, but isn’t there a lot of such people too in other schools? RP is just like any other Polytechnic, so what if we are RP graduates, open your mind, accept us, give us a chance because we are capable to do what you did.

for mom.

August 22, 2010

There are a lot of times…

When I say you are not good enough for me.
When I scold you because I’m in a bad mood.
When I talk to you loudly.
When I shout at you.
When I say No to you.
When I did not protect you.
When I hung up your call.
When I made you sad and cry.
When I made you very angry.

I have to admit that I’m very fragile when it comes to you. When I think of the day you leave me, the day that I want to talk to you, but you will never reply back. When I want to feel your presences, but you disappear into thin air like granny. When you no longer wakes me up, no longer lying on the bed playing viwawa, when I wake up, and there won’t be food, no one is there to pay every bills, at that moment, ¬†I know I won’t be able to accept.

To me, deep down, I hope I don’t love you so much. It is a pain to watch you grow old, get sick, and knowing one day you will leave me. I always hope that you are just a shadow then the pain will be lesser.

I don’t know how to put it into words about how much I love you. I wish that you aren’t sick. You won’t leave me like granny. I love you, and I really do. Sorry that I hurt you with words. Sorry for shouting at you, for saying things that I don’t mean it.

Hey, aiya, no worries! Nothing will happened to Sg lahhh.

July 20, 2010

I’m born a Singaporean, and yes, i would say that I didn’t have a choice on the citizenship that I was given, and so I accept it. I am not a fan of Singaporean style of being brought up with the attitude of kiasu and kiasi. I won’t be lining for free goodies, neither do I have the typical Singaporean thinking, but I love Singapore in a way. Singapore has given me one of the best comfortable roof to be in for 22 years. Low crime rate, low natural disaster , we have one of the best infrastructure, medical and education. I don’t actually fear that one day I step out of my house, I got a gunman pointing a gun on my head threatening to kill me.

Remember the blackout that happened years ago? 29 June 2004. My estate wasn’t really affected though the rest of the streets were dark, and i was enjoying my aircon and going to bed. Remember the countless time when we feel the shakes due to Earthquake in the neighboring country, I felt it only once, and I was still lying happily on my bed watching dramas. Ohhh, this is what Singaporean does huh.

When I first started my work in a boutique, I didn’t really have much of an experience in dealing with stuff. I remembered, when Vivocity just opened, and I was all alone doing morning shift, and suddenly, the fire alarm went off. I started panicking like mad, trying to listen for announcements from the customer service officers. I looked back, and saw the nearest exit was closed, I couldn’t stay calm. I was nervous, and I planned my route to escape. I gathered my bags, so that I can do it in time to save some of the product to minimize cost lost. And I was the only one doing it. The shoppers were enjoying their window shopping, probably some enjoyed the scene of a crazy young girl trying to plan her escape from fire. The other shop assistances were busy with their own stuff.

There is one thing I will never forget my whole life during my service learning trip to cambodia. That night, we came back into our hotel room, and because we are singaporean, who switches off the electricity when we are in a hotel. So, as usual, the 26 of us just left the aircon, fan, lights, tv, heater on. But Cambodia, the amount of electricity they have is limited, and they don’t have the card holder, that we normally see in hotels room, that stop power. And shortly after we came back, we experiences black out. Screaming were heard, and the only ones who are out of their rooms are us, and the rest of the guests were quite annoyed with our behavior.

I am not a big fan of my own country, there are things that I don’t like about Singapore. Lousy tv shows, the restriction, and yes, I hate STOMP a lot. But I am not a hater of my own country. I’m proud of Singapore hosting the 1st YOG though I find the JJ Lin song a bit ridiculous. I love Changi Airport, Sentosa, and of course Marina Bay Sand.

I call myself a Singaporean, and I don’t like my own country to be portray as some nonsense country. I always feel that the creator of STOMP should think about this topic. Hello Creator of STOMP, what is your impression of Singapore before STOMP was created, and after reading those posts on STOMP, what is your feeling towards Singapore right now? Ugly, nothing to do, rubbish, nonsense. I always wonder, why do we need a platform to showcase what are singaporean doing? And why do we need a web showing others that Singaporean students/couples having sexual/intimate time in public or young girls posting nude photo of them or some irritating ah bengs blasting music on public transports or a Ferrari turned into charcoals due to the weather or simple @smithankyou walking around town with lotso or whatever. I had seen it with my own eyes, hear it with my own ears, how STOMP actually destroy a young girl future by spreading her “news” and her into bigger drama and out of the school. So now, list me the pro of STOMP. The most ridiculous thing that happened in STOMP, that I couldn’t accept is what happened during the New Year Party. How 4 man openly molested the girl, and everyone was surrounding her, saw what happened, and busy videoing, snapping pictures of the incident instead of helping her.

I always wonder, if I am not a Singaporean, and I am planning a trip to Singapore, will i get turned off by STOMP. When I goggled “STOMP” apparently this is what I get.

So now Stomp makes it all alright for everyone to know how ugly we Singaporeans are. Wow!!!

And I always have to bear in mind what I am doing out of my house now since I have a peace of mind of robbers and murderer since Singapore ensure me a low crime rate, but now STOMP gives me a high number of STOMPERs. So I can be adjusting my bra while my BF has his hands wrapped around me just in case I get STOMPed for being too intimate with my guy. I can’t sit on MRT floors just in case I get STOMPed. WOW. Dear STOMPers, I know you guys loves to be like gossip girls, but STOMP-ing all these things, make you low class.

The thing that actually got me outraged was when my mom came back yesterday and told me one ugly truth. She told me to go to youtube and search the wave song on Orchard flooding. Grrrr. The wave song, seriously. From the previous post, I had shown you the number of people watching world cup, and I’m sure everyone certainly knows about the¬†existence¬†of WC. and of course beside Waka Waka, the wave song is playing everywhere. The reason why I wrote out about the fire alarm incident that happened to me, the blackout incident was to point out this point, aren’t we Singaporean too ignorant? When I was in Cambodia, we have never seen fireflies, and the locals were so surprized that 24 kids went obsessed¬†over one firefly. We always expect nothing will happened to Singapore, and when one flooding occurs, we didn’t know what to do and we went round amazed that Singapore actually can flood. Then the 2nd flooding, (I wasn’t around so I dont know how serious it was) and we went round blaming/joking about it. We even came out with a song for it.

I dont even want that video on my blog, so this is the link.

Seriously Mr Brown, I have nothing against you. I am not a fan of you, but some times ur post certainly make me laugh and agrees with you. But this time, I am going against you. You are making me a joke in front of others, and I am not by your side. Whoever thinks that this is funny, think of yourself as a tourist, as someone seeing it before walking up a plane, flying a distance over just to enjoy shopping in orchard road. What will u react, how will u feel, and will you even want to board that plane?

Let me tell you how bad news spread to other country, one ugly fact about Singapore. 48 hours again, I just arrived back from a road trip from Malacca. I got the chance to visit Joker Street, yes, the nonya street if that rings a bell. And I went to visit a Peranakan¬†museum where one of the scene of Little Nonya was filmed.¬†The whole tour was all about Peranakan culture. So this tour guide was telling us about the back doors that Peranakan has, and she jokingly says “At night, wives locked the back door, and the husband only has the key to the front door to prevent husband from becoming Liang Por Por. Oh, you know, the Jack Neo’s¬†affair, which involved 9 woman.” Wow, across the boarders, a 4 hours journey, and Jack’s news arrived in Malacca. Just for your information, there are all kinds of tourists that was with us on that tour, and here, now it is spreading. More people knows one ugly side of Singaporeans now.

I guess everyone has a right to decide how they want themselves to be portrayed, and every move on the net, determines this picture that we want to portray ourselves to be.

And let me remind you. Singapore position on the globe ensure us low natural disaster rates, but it doesn’t mean that we don’t experience natural disaster. It’s just like Singapore ensure you low crime rate, yet crime is happening everyday. Low doesn’t means no. We are just taking our peace for granted. If today, a¬†typhoon, or a tsunami, earthquake happens in Singapore, I’m sure a lot of Singaporeans will die.¬†¬†Or just a simple mall on big fire, because no one knows what to do, everyone just carry on with what we are doing at the moment and thinks “aiya, singapore so safe, won’t happened one lah.” Just like the flood. and i certainly do agree with the government urging Singaporean to not to be unrealistic that Singapore will be flood free. Singapore will never be flood free just like other countries.