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my little dream

December 21, 2010

A few years ago, when I studied ecotourism, one of my colleague actually introduced me to this man, Al Gore, who is the vice president of US under President Bill Clinton and the DVD, An Inconvenient Truth. That was the moment I fell in love with environmental activities.
I know that with my own effort, I can’t do much to save the Earth, but with another person’s effort, we can at least reduce a little of damage to the Earth. And with this amount * many many other, we can prolong the lives of the homes of ours.
Anyway, it’s not about me now. A few weeks ago, I was watching a travel program, and I saw this introduction of Hamilton Island and there is this island care taker Ben. All of us knows that he has one of the best job in the world, so I’m not going into how nice his job is. The thing that touches me the most and made me cry right in front of the computer is how noble he is to the environment. He says that after stepping down from the position, he will be continuing it. To go to every part of Australia and continuing it.
Human human, the ironic thing that kept me thinking was how come there is a group of people who spend that 70 years of their lives being mean and evil just for money. And how come there’s this group of people who spend their life asking for nothing in return just to save our home.
You see, if I tell you, I want to give up what I have now in Singapore and pack my bags to travel around just to help people, help this environment, I gained experience and a brand new world that I never notice, but I don’t get fame nor money in return as compare to those who choose to stay in their comfort home and continue to harm the environment. In fact, I have to throw in my own money for my transportation, accommodation and everything. I just find them very noble as compare to those who live their lives going after monetary values.
I have a dream, I changed. I don’t want fame nor success. I don’t want big houses nor diamond rings. I just want to go to see the world before it is being destroyed. This is my dream and I am doing my part to save my dream. How about you?
Anyway, you can find the island caretaker blog at
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