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The unspoken love for u

March 12, 2011

When I was a kid, I always remember this man who are always there for the family. Be it family gathering, be it just a meal, he will always be there. When adults asked me to address him, I didn’t know what to call him, so I followed my cousins and address him as “Ah Gong”(grandpa in chinese)

This dark, thin with a mixture of black and white balding hair man, he’s always wearing the simplest attire with the usual hairstyle. Always there, sitting by a side, looking at us kids playing, fearing that any of us will injure ourselves. And when we make a silly mistake, he will be the first to rush to us, with a laughter. I remember his laugh, eyes as small as a line, showing his white teeth, and his laughter Ho Ho ho.

As times grew by, our interaction gets lesser and lesser. Once in a while, I will see him. The last few times when I get to see him more is during por por (grandmother)’s funeral. Though I was crying like mad, confuse like mad, he’s there, making sure everything goes well.

In my life, it has always been non-blood related kinship vs blood related kinship. I am not against my own family members but the thing is I have too good relationship with the other side of the family. Complicated older generation problems, no one can change them. We’re born with it, I’m born with it. The thing is, we made a different by ignoring the blood related term, and love each other like we are a real family.

Por por was one of the greatest thing that can happened in my life. Her selfless love, her motherly care, her not asking for anything in return scarifies, I had never seen someone like her. Yu Lee jie jie was the other. Her sisterly love will always linger with us, the short yet good memories that we shared will never be erased from any of ours mind. And ah gong… I always longs for a grandpa. He proved to me that there is still love in between of people. We never ask for any help from him but he’s always there for us. I felt the love, always.

Though I don’t spend a lot of time with him, though he’s just a figure that I always notice but not paying much attention to… All I want to say, you’re one of the greatest man I had met in my life. Your selfless character touches me and will always be remember. This marks the end of the suffering you had for the past few months, and it marks the journey of you here. The world is better on the other side. Por por is there, yu lee jie jie too. We will be fine over here. We will get through this pain and live on our lives, don’t worry. If there’s one person that makes a different in my life, you are on the list, on the very top too. I will never forget you, as the man always running around in my life, assisting every single thing goes well behind the scene.

Good bye ah gong.
12th March 2011

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