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Micro bubbles cleanser

November 2, 2011

Okay, I know I have been missing for some time, but I’m back. I’m sorry for the disappearing though you have been checking my blog out for update. Oops. But I’m back for good right. And hopefully I will be still updating.

I guess I’ll go back to basic, Step 1 cleansing. I do love my Shu uemura’s cleansing oil. You won’t understand my love for it until you hear this: I have stocked a total of near 50 bottles of it and I have 3 sets of the collectors bottles unused. HEHE. But the saddest thing is, the formula is too strong for my skin 😦 and it causes breakouts on my skin. HOW SAD. And yes, I don’t want to lug around the street with pimples all over my face, therefore I stop using them, and they are my mom’s favorite possession.

One of the question I always get from my customer is even if I don’t use makeup, do I need to cleanse my face, and the answer is definitely YES! Cleansing in the morning get rid of any dead skin cells and slag transported to the surface of the skin during the night. And of course at night, you cleanse to remove any makeup AND impurities such as dirt, exhaust fumes or other contamination of the skin. So even if I’m out the whole day without makeup, I will still cleanse my face no matter what. And the thing about leaving house with bare face, I could wash my face every now and then I go to the toilet, that is good for the skin.

In the market, there’s lotsa cleanser. Oil based, Milk based, Foam based, Powder based. One of my favorite move is to use my eye cleanser to cleanse my face. The reason is eye removers are more gentle and more delicate ingredients are placed in the remover to suit the eyes, therefore, I feel it is much better for my skin. Beside using eye remover, I like foam based cleanser.

MAKE UP STORE’s Intensive Foam Cleanser

One thing about foam cleanser is that it contains micro bubbles. Microbubbles are bubbles smaller than one millimetre in diameter, but larger than one micrometre.

Micro bubbles

Once you have the foam on your skin, these micro bubbles will start cleansing your skin/pores even if you aren’t touch it. So I get a cleaner skin with lesser touches of the skin.

And that’s all for now. See ya on the next post.

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