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Why do I chose to do what I’m doing?

October 4, 2012

My job gave me a lot of opportunity to interact with people, and this got me thinking a lot on human behaviors. And this topic had been bothering me recently.

Every time I goes on job, people will ask, why do you choose to join this industry?

And I’ve been hearing the most common answer “the money is good.” So common that I stop asking myself why I chose to interview for the job, and just answer because it pays well. But then, it kinda strike me, no, it don’t pay that well.

Yes, I admit. I am earning more than my fellow classmates. But then the truth is, it is not a lot of money. You see what it advertise, and that’s my earning. Some days, a little more, but most days, just that amount. And for me, it’s much much enough as compare to the days I was in Make Up Store. And I am able to save quite a bit now, so I have no complains. That’s not the point today too.

The point is why do I chose this job.

Those people who chose the job for the money, I don’t see any passion in the answer, and indeed no passion for the job. They work so many years, just for the money yet they don’t enjoy the job. What for, seriously. I’d a senior who I went New Delhi with. And I totally disagreed with him. He came around and keep telling us to remain on the job because what is passion all about. I believe that when we are doing something we like, even if we earn just enough, I will also give up a high paying job for it. It got me thinking and thinking and thinking.

And from today onward, I will stop replying for the money.

It’s not all about money. This is a dream. Every little kid dream. The dream that belongs to a little girl and boy, I’m living a dream, his and mine. I may not stay long, this is not where my passion lies, but it’s one little dream that I fulfill.

A lot of them says “The world doesn’t revolve around you. Don’t change the world for you, change yourself to suit the environment.” But I realize the world doesn’t revolve around money too. This job is a dream job of every child. People paint it ugly with money. And I’m not gonna try to change the world for what they choose to think. I will just live happily in this little dream of us because I was given the chance to.

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